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Jack Daniel’s: «Humanity And Civility For President!»

29 Sep

Patrick Wensink: «Broken Piano For President»

Remember the famous Jack Daniel’s ads teaching us that the people who are integrated into the process of manufacturing good Old No.7 do have time, time, time and time? Now the Tennessee based distillery used another unique opportunity to prove that nothing about this has changed in the meantime – and that the possession of time, time, time and time seems to be the most important ingredient when creating and showing relaxation is at stake. When lawyers of the popular whiskey brand spotted the cover of Patrick Wensink’s new book «Broken Piano For President», it looked suspiciously like the famous black and white label used on bottles of Jack Daniel’s. But rather than issue threats, the company’s lawyers sent him what the author described as perhaps the world’s most polite cease-and-desist letter, in which they even went so far as to offer to help pay for redesigning the book’s cover:

Jack Daniel’s Nicest Cease-And-Desist Letter

The letter came to light after Patrick Wensink posted it on his website. As the story went viral, one unforeseen consequence has been a host of publicity for his new novel. The book went to the top of the Amazon satirical books chart and was the number six bestseller overall. His website hits jumped from 20 a day to 200,000 in three days.

Reading the interessting discussion on Patrick Wensink’s blog we like to quote a longer part from Jonathan Lambert’s comment: «Besides, from a legal standpoint, there’s only one real question with regards to JD, and that’s, “What would they do if the party said no?” Assuming they have legal ground to stand on, what do you think their reaction would be? Would they still be cool if the party said, “no thanks,” and moved on? That’s an interesting question. In any case it’s somewhat astounding that we’re living in a legal world where politely asking isn’t the norm — where a company acting like a gentlefolk is a newsworthy item. My sincere gratitude to JD for acting out their company values, because this kind of decency and conduct is very becoming an American original. Or maybe the lawyer was just drunk. Either case, with so many aggressive legal assertions, and patents and trademarks effectively broken, it’s awesome, and encouraging, to see this. On a notion, I should add that I think there is a profound lesson here for companies that interact with customers (aka, all companies)».

Without doubt, this whole thing went positively viral for both the author Patrick Wensink and the company Jack Daniel’s: NPR’s Weekend Edition, The New York Times, Time Magazine, Forbes, The New Yorker, Boing Boing, The Atlantic, Business Week, The Telegraph, Yahoo’s Trending Now, Yahoo News (x2), Mashable, Mashable (interview), Business Insider, GalleyCat, The Huffington Post, ABA Journal (American Bar Association), Ain’t It Cool News, Bookforum, Kenyon Review, TN Whiskey Trail, The Portland Mercury’s Blogtown, WFPL (interview), LitReactor, The Millions, Outside the Beltway, Critical Mob, Cosby Sweaters.

What is most telling about the letter perhaps, was that it was written by a courteous human being who had enough time, time, time, and time to think and care about politness, humanity and civility. Well done, old No. 7, just like your timelessly good old Tennessee Whiskey.

via: Forbes

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Milk Comes In Various Types And Faces

26 Aug

Trau Dich, zart zu sein…

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