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Kubach-Wilmsen-Team: «Marble Works To Read»

21 Jul

«Stone Newspaper» (1992) by Kubach-Wilmsen-Team
in front of Museum Schloß Salder;
Carrara marble; 310 x 200 x 85 cm

Photography by Andreas Baier
Click to enlarge marbledly

Whoever feels home and save in the international art-scene must have come across the amazingly solid and quite stoned artwork of the Kubach-Wilmsen-Team. It is said that for no one less than Oscar Wilde himself only the daily presence of a brand new copy of Kubach-Wilmsen’s Marble News made his high tea a perfect breakfast. And the German critic Marcel Reich-Ranicki stated that the deepest and most emotional way to read Count Leo Tolstoy’s «War and Peace» is to do it via the edition curated and published by the Kubach-Wilmsen-Team. Can this get any higher? No wonder, that their works of art had been exhibited throughout the world and are part of many important public and private art collections.

«Stone Book Cardinal» (1986) by Kubach-Wilmsen-Team
on the INSEL im Salzgittersee;
red Indian granite; 240 x 180 x 80 cm

Anna Kubach-Wilmsen gives an insight: «Normally, hands hold a book and the eyes are supposed to read it. Stone books, however, are hold by the eyes and read with the hands.» Since fourty years the Kubach-Wilmsen-Team’s œvre is nothing but a solid homage to stones in all types and forms, moreover, for them stones are genesis’ reliquiae.

«Stone Book Amazonas» (1991) by Kubach-Wilmsen-Team
on the INSEL im Salzgittersee;
red-green Brazilian granite; 200 x 150 x 90 cm

On August, 14th, 2010 the Fondation Kubach-Wilmsen openend its gates to the public. It was built by the Japanese architect Tadao Andō. It is a museum for stone sculptures at the bottom of «Rotenfels» in Bad Münster am Stein. Here and here you can enjoy some impressive photographs of the museum, taken by Shigeo Ogawa.

The three stone sculptures on the photographs above are part of the art project «KUNSTüberall», which was initiated by Alexander Baier.

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