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Mike Guppy: «Selected»

29 Jul

I‘m getting a bit nervous being introduced to all these Mona Lisa modifications but in general I have to admit that this is a nice idea.

Website Mike Guppy
via: Beware! Magazine

Sensitive topic. Therefore comments off.

Mike Ruiz: «Replaced Mona Lisa»

5 Apr

«Replaced Mona Lisa is Mike Ruiz his latest work. He selected the Mona Lisa, the girl, inside Photoshop and used the tool Content-Aware Fill to create the missing parts of the background. The resulting image is a potential landscape as interpreted by the software. The image was sent to an painting manufacturer in China where an oil painting was produced.» Quote from today and tomorrow

Sensitive topic. Therefore comments off.

6000 Slices of Toast are waiting to be eaten in Shopping Mall

10 Aug

A Mona Lisa mosaic artwork made of 6,000 slices of toast on show at a shopping mall in Hong Kong.

Picture: KPS / ZUMA / REX FEATURES / via: Telegraph.Co.Uk – Pictures of the day