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Dear Malcolm McLaren!

1 Aug

Screenshot Website Malcolm McLaren

As we have recently thought about you, we decided to visit your homepage spontaneously; this in order to find out how you were doing so. Result: «Malcolm will return shortly…» Well, for someone who examines his freshly seeded radish from six feet under – as we say in Germany – for quite a while; an announcement like this is not that bad at all, isn’t it?

Our photographer, however, drove soo perfectly mad, became soo uncontrollably exited about «this most refreshing news since months» that he could not help sending you an email instantly: «Dear Malcolm McLaren, I am planning to come to London within the next weeks in order to continue completing my work on creative icons. Do you think it might be possible cleaning your schedule a little bit to make it happen being part of my project? I am looking forward to hearing from you! With kind regards: Andreas Baier»

And now, since you have decided not «to return shortly», our mostly and holy beloved photographer dives in pain and argony as we fear he is going to drown in it. So please, could you be so kind to inform at least your secretary to take any action that might defuse this situation to all our utmost satisfaction?

This would be more than just a gentlemanly act.

With kind regards
Hamlet Hamster

Sensitive topic. Therefore comments off.