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Sammy Davis Jr.: «Impersonations»

18 Feb

Michael Jackson performed this song only once. The occasion was the «Sammy Davis Jr.’s 60th Stage Anniversary TV Special». The song was written especially for the broadcast which was aired on February the 4th in 1990. Sammy Davis Jr. died only three months later: on Mai, the 16th in 1990 in Beverly Hills. It was lung cancer that drove him away. He surely was one of the greatest entertainers ever.

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David LaChapelle: «American Jesus»

7 Apr

David LaChapelle: «American Jesus»

«In 2006, famed photographer and director David LaChapelle made a conscious break from his successful fashion and celebrity career to focus instead on fine art pursuits. Since that time, LaChapelle’s photographic work has maintained the fabulously dramatic, evocative nature we’ve come to expect from him over the years, now elevated by more complex subject matters. Consistently incorporating references as varied as art history, street art and pop culture, LaChapelle’s new work addresses concepts such as consumerism and cultural hierarchies.»

Please read the rest of the article on ArtSlope.

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H-57: «Michael Jackson»

25 Aug

Das in Mailand ansässige Grafikbüro H-57 versteht sich als Werbeagentur, Designstudio wie auch experimentelles Labor für neue Ideen. Meerschweinchenreport berichtete hier über das diesjährige Plakat zu den Internationalen Filmfestspielen Cannes, für das das hier gegenständliche Designstudio ebenfalls verantwortlich zeichnet. Wobei: Quatsch. Das war ja die französische Designagentur «H5». Verwechslungen sind das mal wieder…

Über «H-57» berichtete Meerschweinchenreport allerdings auch. Und zwar über die sensationellen Typolösungen, um Darth Vader, Yoda oder einen Storm Trooper reduziert darzustellen – und das, obwohl uns die seit schätzungsweise zwanzig Jahren im Netz grassierende StarWars-O-Mania hinreichend auf den viel zitiert und gegessenen Keks geht.

Lange Rede, kurzer Sinn: Die aus vorbezeichnetem Hause stammende Piktogrammserie finden wir weitestgehend nun nicht so berauschend, weil zu kompliziert – mit einer Ausnahme: «The History Of Michael Jackson». There we go…

via: Ignant

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Ai Weiwei: «Jacko’s Reenactment Center»

25 May

Michael Jackson Sculpture by Maria von Kohler

The Quietus writes: «An east London music studio’s installation of a life-sized statue of Micheal Jackson dangling a baby out of the window has generated wild and menacing fury from Jackson fans. ‘Madonna and Child’, by artist Maria von Kohler, was positioned by a window at The Premises Studio last week and has since generated such a backlash on Jackson fan sites that police have been enlisted to investigate death and arson threats.» You should read the rest about this amazing story on The Quietus.

The Chinese artist Ai Weiwei has created in cooperation with the Chinese government a «Jacko’s Reenactment Center» that is particularly designed to inform the public about the dangerous aspects of being or becoming an artist. This was the prize Ai Weiwei was supposed to pay in order to be happily released by his contract partners last week.

The press, however, writes: «Changchun, China — A man grabs a 22-year-old woman after she tried to kill herself by jumping out of a window of a seventh-floor building in northeastern China’s Jilin province. The bride cut her wrists and tried to commit suicide after her boyfriend broke up with her just before the marriage.»

I think, however, we shouldn’t pay too much attention to that what the press is writing all the time.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: AP / Associated Press
via: Los Angeles Times; Framework

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