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Genesis-Talk: «Sebastião Salgado and Benedikt Taschen»

13 May

Two men, one mission: One of the most stunning photographers Sebastião Salgado talks with with one of – if not the – most exciting publisher Benedikt Taschen about the photographic project that changed their lifes: Genesis.

Well, there was another photographer who once created an œvre entitles «Genesis»: Ernst Haas.

So, we’ve been now enriched by two geniuses’ work dealing with the fundamental sprit of mankind. Nothing less. May we suggest that you might like to go for it?

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Auto- und Moselbogen

4 Jul

Photo by Judy Amiet / AFPLink zu Dark Roasted Blend

Foto von «Turbopics» – via fotocommunityTurbopics Profile


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Pierre Stephane Dumas: »Unusual Huts For Unusual Nights«

9 Dec

Transparent bubble tent puts campers under the stars. But be careful where you get undressed!

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