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Ten Of The Greatest Guerrilla Marketing Campaigns of All-Time

21 Dec

Two experienced Marketing Gorillas analyse the advantages
of their campaign strategies – Photo by Wikipedia

This article, written by Chris Connolly, is from the July-August 2007 issue of «mental_floss magazine». It is reprinted on Neatorama with permission.

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Sensitive topic. Therefore comments off.

Neatorama’s Very Fine Christmas Bacon Store

1 Dec

Still looking for the perfect Christmas gift for your perfect friends and and much more perfect relatives? So, why don’t you try »Effervescent Bacon Drink Tabs« from Neatorama’s »Neatoshop«? The description says: “Drop one of these magic tablets into a glass of water and it will instantly begin to dissolve, creating a cascade of bubbles that will infuse the water with a delicious bacon flavor.” Sounds pretty tasty, doesn’t it?

But may be you might like to know from where these tasty crispy crunchy bacon drink tablets come from. In such a case the »Pig 3D Anatomy Model & Puzzle« is the kit you will easily find the right answer with. The description says: “The hambone’s connected to the soup bone, the soup bone’s connected to the squiggly tail… We all love our bacon, but it’s important to love the creature our bacon and the Effervescent Bacon Drink Tabs comes from, the intelligent, loyal pig. Celebrate your pig love with this 19 piece Pig 3D Anatomy Model.

All about Neatorama’s fascinating bacon gifts: here