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Albert Einstein: «My Brain Might Be Sliced But I Am Still Fit Enough To Address Via Radio In 1946 – A Time I Was Pretty Much Alive Anyway»

20 Nov

Photo by Helmut Newton

Dr. Albert Einstein was scheduled to address to former students from the Northwestern University who were expecting him in the Chicago stadium. However, Mr. Einstein saw himself unable to leave his beloved home in Princeton, New Jersey, for this occasion; a fact that made all students listen to the radio via the stadium’s loudspeakers. An event that took place in 1946.

Here you can download some mentally refreshing 12 minutes – or listen to the stream:

May be you might like to pay the university’s historical archive a visit anyway? Here you can listen how President Harry S. Truman reports to the nation on the results of the Potsdam Conference in August 9th, 1945 via broadcast. And here’s the menue to find out what else is waiting to be consumed by your ears.

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