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Thomas Höpker: «Ansichten eines Reporters»

29 Jul

Photographs by Andreas Baier
Click to enlarge hoepkeredly

On October 31st in 1987 Thomas Höpker’s exhibition «Ansichten eines Reporters» had its vernissage in the famous Rubens-town Siegen. Our staff-photographer Andreas Baier could not resist documenting this event with his camera. We have already featured one picture of this series here; including some information about Thomas Höpker’s CV and where to purchase prints of his fantastic work best as well. Thomas Höpker is still the only German photographer who joined the legendary photo-agency Magnum Photos based on a «full membership», which he also ran from 2003 until 2007 as its president.

Sensitive topic. Therefore comments off.

When the going gets tough the tough gets going!

20 Jun

Morel’s publications under the AFP-Getty-Suaero byline


Just let me quote the key issue:

At 4:54 pm on January 12th this year Daniel Morel did find himself in an earthquake. A Haitian photojournalist of some 25 years experience, he was working in Port-au-Prince when the biggest earthquake to hit the Caribbean for 200 years struck the city. As he began photographing the devastation Morel, a former Associated Press staffer, realised the importance of distributing his pictures as quickly as possible. What happened next, and decisions yet to be made in a Manhattan courtroom, may come to redefine how photographers and big media interact with the freewheeling world of social media.

  • At 5:20pm Morel opened a Twitter account called PhotoMorel, tweeted that he had exclusive earthquake pictures and uploaded 13 images to TwitPic, an associated, but separate, service.
  • At approximately 5:28pm one Lisandro Suaero, located in the neighbouring Dominican Republic and previously unknown as a professional photographer, hijacked the 13 images, uploaded them to his own TwitPic account, and tweeted that he too had exclusive earthquake pictures.
  • At about 9:45pm Agence France Presse copied the images from Suero’s account, and subsequently began offering them for licensing.
  • I strongly recommend reading the full story.

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