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National Geographic: «Andreas Baier – Die Gesellschaft vom Hinterhaus»

15 Jul

Andreas Baier: «A Child Will Be Born!»
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Unter 8586 Einsendungen wählte National Geographic für das Thema «Mother & Child» 32 Aufnahmen für diese Bildstrecke aus. Eine davon ist eine Photographie aus dem Bilderzyklus «Die Gesellschaft vom Hinterhaus» unseres Redaktionsfotografen.

His comment: «Another photograph from my long-term project ‹The Backyard’s Society›. It illustrates impressively that males simply need a little extra time until they get used to the idea of becoming a father. If only females would get that point much less relationships would split before the child was even born. I am seriously convinced about that point.»

via YourShot Andreas Baier

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