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Princess Juliana International Airport

18 Aug

We all know this location and these very rare moments of high class photography through the Internet. What we also know when we try to learn more about this place via Wikipedia is this surfboard showing the schedule of incoming flights.

But what we did not became so easily aware of are the highly dangerous aspects that are directly linked to being caught by a gleaming stream of some hotly roaring jet engines. Just take a look here and here and you know what Maho Beach could feel like.

Meerschweinchenreport wouldn’t be Meerschweinchenreport if we wouldn’t use this unique opportunity to provide you with a visual bonus track. This one is about dangerous airports in general. Well, some of the runways implicate that they were put into place by the almost forgotten artist Guillermo Mordillo who just came into my mind:

Just imagine the golf balls were planes trying to hit the runway correctly…