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National Geographic: «Andreas Baier – Die Gesellschaft vom Hinterhaus»

15 Jul

Andreas Baier: «A Child Will Be Born!»
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Unter 8586 Einsendungen wählte National Geographic für das Thema «Mother & Child» 32 Aufnahmen für diese Bildstrecke aus. Eine davon ist eine Photographie aus dem Bilderzyklus «Die Gesellschaft vom Hinterhaus» unseres Redaktionsfotografen.

His comment: «Another photograph from my long-term project ‹The Backyard’s Society›. It illustrates impressively that males simply need a little extra time until they get used to the idea of becoming a father. If only females would get that point much less relationships would split before the child was even born. I am seriously convinced about that point.»

via YourShot Andreas Baier

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Thomas Höpker: «Ansichten eines Reporters»

29 Jul

Photographs by Andreas Baier
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On October 31st in 1987 Thomas Höpker’s exhibition «Ansichten eines Reporters» had its vernissage in the famous Rubens-town Siegen. Our staff-photographer Andreas Baier could not resist documenting this event with his camera. We have already featured one picture of this series here; including some information about Thomas Höpker’s CV and where to purchase prints of his fantastic work best as well. Thomas Höpker is still the only German photographer who joined the legendary photo-agency Magnum Photos based on a «full membership», which he also ran from 2003 until 2007 as its president.

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