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Robert Doisneau: «Just Checking Teeth»

19 Dec

Photo by Robert Doisneau

The photographer Robert Doisneau was known for his modest, playful, and ironic images of amusing juxtapositions, mingling social classes, and eccentrics in contemporary Paris streets and cafes. One of his best known quotes is: «The marvels of daily life are so exciting; no movie director can arrange the unexpected that you find in the street.»

In 1934 he began working as an industrial advertising photographer for the Renault car factory at Boulogne-Billancourt but was fired only five years later for being constantly late. He was in the army until 1940; and from then until the end of the war in 1945 used his draughtsmanship, lettering artistry and engraving skills to forge passports and identification papers for the French Resistance.

In 1948 Doisneau was contracted by Vogue to work as a fashion photographer. The editors believed he would bring a fresh and more casual look the magazine but Doisneau didn’t enjoy photographing beautiful women in elegant surroundings, he preferred street photography. When he could escape from the studio, he photographed ever more in the streets of Paris. Quote from Wikipedia.

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