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Andreas Baier: «Jan Delay»

27 Sep

Andreas Baier: «Jan Delay»
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Er schlich sich durch die Menge, der Dichter und Denker, verglich die vielen Klänge, als schlichter Beschenker – ohne sie und sich zu schonen, die Stränge diverser Kompositionen, vermischt mit Klängen der Inder und Perser, vermögen ihn und uns um Längen wie ein Kuß besser zu betonen, wie Nußmakronen, ein Muß, sie und sich wie Fässer zu klonen, mit dem Kahn auf der Lahn im Akkord an den Ort, wo sie wohnen, zu befördern – und dort mit Knete reichlich zu entlohnen. Trompete, Bass und Holz-Schoschonen spielen stolz, doch leicht verweichlicht, in einem Fluß und auf der Fete Jan Delays. Schluß.

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Sneak Preview: «Art |44|Basel|2014»

24 Jun

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It is very easy to say that this year’s Art Basel was again a great art fair, which in fact it was. Art Basel is still the best art fair in the world and its mangement does everything to ensure that it will remain precisely as such.

These photographs are just to be seen as some tasty tapas to enlighten your most adorable appetit. We’ve got to present you fresh and humorous artwork, relaxed art dealers and VIPs such as Kevin Spacy or Warren Edward Buffett. So, best you stay tuned.

Sensitive topic. Therefore comments off.

Art|42|Basel – Sort Of Pre- And Review

15 Jun

Alle Fotos von unserem Redaktionsfotografen Andreas Baier


Dieses Jahr wird es Euer Hamster nicht nach Basel zur ART schaffen, weil: siehe Pfingstturnier im Biebricher Schloßpark zu Wiesbaden. Klar, die ART fängt ja offiziell auch erst heute an, und da könnte ich mich doch in ein paar Stunden in den Zug setzen, um … Einerseits ist das richtig. Andererseits nicht, da «First Choice» bereits vor zwei Tagen stattfand. Der Gedanke, ein Sammlerkonkurrent könnte mir einen wertvollen und vollkommen überflüssigen Meese für sagenwirmalgroßzügig: ein paar Millionen Schweizer Franken vor der Nase weggeschnappt haben, ist mir so unerträglich wie die Qualität der diesjährigen Bienale in Venedig. Auch dieser Schock sitzt noch tief, läßt mich einfach nicht mehr das Portemonnaie in meiner Hosentasche finden, um die Fahrkarte in die gelobte Schweiz zu bezahlen. Da war das Internationale Reitturnier zu Pfingsten im Biebricher Schloßpark eine abwechslungsreiche und wohltuende Alternative.

Aber das sind natürlich nur speziell auf meine Person zugeschnittene Befindlichkeiten, die ich nicht mit Dritten teilen möchte, und mit Ihnen, meine lieben und treuen und teuren Meerschweinchenreportleser, schon mal gar nicht. Deshalb kann es nur mein inneres und äußeres Anliegen sein, Ihnen den Mund auf die 42. ART in Basel wässrig zu machen. Und gleich zu Beginn: Ist «42» nicht die Antwort auf die Fragen aller Fragen? Nämlich: Was darf Kunst kosten? Da haben Sie’s! Also, nichts wir hin…

Nachfolgend einige Impressionen vom letzten Jahr, die Ihnen zeigen werden, daß die beste Kunstmesse der Welt im letzten Jahr mit einiger an Sicherheit grenzender Wahrscheinlichkeit auch dieses Jahr wieder die beste Kunstmesse der Welt sein wird.

Über 300 Galerien präsentieren die Werke von ca. 2500 Künstlern. Es wird mit einer Anzahl von ungefähr 60.000 Besuchern gerechnet.

Ach ja, vitra. gibt in seinem Vitrahäuschen auch wieder ein Party. Möchten Sie die komplette Bildstrecke vom letzten Jahr sehen? Hier können Sie das tun. Die Bilder zum Vergrößern bitte anklicken. Enjoy yourself.

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Art|41|Basel – The Ultimate Photobook!

2 Jul

To go to the magic Full-Monty-Art|41|Basel-Photo-Collection just click on its cover above!

Declaration of Independence:

You know yourself pretty well. I know myself pretty well as well. So, this automatically means that we already know each other pretty well. And that‘s nothing but perfect.

We are all adicted to art. That‘s our fundamental understanding. Whatever you might have decided how to make the most out of your days during Art|41|Basel; this is what I did: Creating a digital photo-booklet containing some 200 photographs showing famous and less famous art collectors, gallery owners and artists from all over the world – not to forget the grand design opening on Vitra Campus.

And, of course, I turned the Art Collectors Lounge into what it has already been: a highly illuminated stage for those who cannot wait to see and to be seen. This section is entitled: VIP Lounge Express.

Finally, just in case you might like to find out a bit more about me, myself and my work I have attached some facts and portraits I took from Sir Peter Ustinov or Bill Gates or Gerhard Richter at the end of this booklet.

******Enjoy yourself******

What you see here is not the complete photo-booklet, these pictures are just the openers of each chapter – apetizers making you hungry for more; for more information, more colourful pictures, more motion stairs, more intelligence on two legs – at least more human frozen fingers on artistic canvas. Frozen fingers? Yes, frozen fingers. In art, there shall be no limit.

Wherever there is art there is design. Wherever there is design there is art. Especially when it comes to limited editions on both sides. A perfect marriage that shall not be jeopardized. Take a short look into this great fair – and do what you have been programmed for by mother nature: just be happy!

First choice is first choice is first choice. Did you ever dream of buying your favourite Picasso on Art|Basel but someone else was quicker than you? What a shame! The only rule that has the power, the unbeatable strength of well polished teeth and – of course – the dignity of helping you taking full revenge is simply to show up at its earliest moment in order to smile in front of still closed entrance doors. Even then you are not alone but surrounded by privileged people being privileged the same way as you are. And that’s a start, isn’t it?

Imagine furthermore that you favourite Picasso has already been sold. Nor have you been outstandingly slow in rushing up the motion stairs on your way to your personal Picasso-Dealer neither did you lose your wallet in an unexpected move that could have been interpreted by a less informed earthling as a nice try to perform Michael Jackson’s most legendary moonwalk. But, as a matter of fact, now you are thinking of Michael Jackson and Michael Jackson makes you think of E.T. probably the same way Andy Warhol was thinking of Michael Jackson in general and E.T. in particular when he just left the cinema one day. So here we are and there you go with a unique Warhol under your shoulder, showing a cloudy E.T. making transparent all the obvious things you might have got in common with Andy Warhol and Michael Jackson: first of all an astronomic phone bill. Congratulations!

But is that all? Can a painting really be able to replace a book? Especially, when we are talking about perfect books? Sure? You know the rule! Which rule? Well, that rule: If you haven’t been to Taschen you haven’t been to Art|Basel.

Is there anything left to say about Gerhard Richter? Yes, the value of the prize tags for his work should be upgraded significantly. Why? That’s why! Well, let me a bit more specific: Do you see the yellow Madonna created by Katharina Fritsch? On the over-next picture? Yes? Good, because now you know why…

The vernissage started at 7 pm and ended at 9 pm.  All the Picassos, Miros, Clementes, Basquiats, Dubuffets, Serras, Seurats, Stellas and other premium class artist’s work was already sold out. So, now there was enough space for a quite relaxed atmosphere, an atmosphere that made freshly grounded coffee and intelligently looking dialogues between art collectors, artists and their dealers possible. I am not willing to break any rule of confidentiality, which ça veut dire that I am not going to let you know anything of what I have heard while rumbling and tumbling around and through the corridors.

But, as an emotional compensation, I will quote one of my favourite quotes taken from the unbelievable movie “Mr Bean“. Burt Reynolds plays General Newton who just paid the lovely sum of some $50m for America’s most important painting named “Whistler’s Mother“. General Newton addresses on the Grand Art Opening to the public: “I am not a particular art lover. I don’t know the difference between a Picasso and a car crash. But I love my country. And I can’t stand that some Frenchies own America’s most important painting. (He reaches out for the magnetic chip card in order to reveal the painting. He pushes the card into the slot.) Welcome home, ma!

Well, after such a tremendous speech of infamy, it should be bright and clear that General Newton’s mother’s skin turned yellow – with immediate effect.

That the artwork, which is waiting to be bought on the Art|Basel can not be seen as the cheapest on the planet, has been already communicated quite properly – as I think. Another proof (picture above) for that might be seen in the fact that even elephants are visiting the Art|Basel only with heavily filled wallets, ready to blast each second.

Does this really need an explanation?

If the sun shines there is not better place to be on Art|Basel

If the sun does not shine that much there is no better place to be on Art|Basel

If it is raining there is no better place to be on Art|Basel

Well, in this case I took a Koons from my own private collection with me, attached the pierced snail against the column, and shortly after finishing the picture an art collector just came around the next corner and integrated this lovely piece of artwork straight into his own private art collection. Fortunately, we managed to settle an agreement about the fee without greater difficulties.

Well, this house named VitraHaus built by Herzog & de Meuron you really should visit personally. And I mean it the way I say it.

As I said…

Would you like to read more about the Art|Basel? You can do so here. However, you have to be familiar with the German language.