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Artistic Interpretations of City Skylines

16 Jul

London: (c) Copyright by Carl Warner

San Francisco: (c) Copyright by Liz Hickok

The magazine Woman’sDay (Live Well Every Day) has published some artistic interpretations of famous city skylines. Here are two of them, which were created with food. The two brillant artists Liz Hickok and Carl Warner are responsible for them. Just visit their websites and you know what I mean.

Honouring this year’s summer heat Woman’sDay provides its readers with a small recommendation of how to handle it best, when your mouse crosses the word cucumber. Here’s the screenshot. Just allow yourself a proper click:

Let me grab this unique opportunity to feed you with a real philosophical line (by Woody Allen) which containes the word cucumber and honours this year’s summer heat, from my point of view, at the very same time: “Cool as a cucumber the carrot penetrates the pedestrian to make his padding immortal.” Ha, like it? Thought so.

via: Woman’sDay