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Art or Visitors

28 Oct

Visitors on Art|2015|Basel
click to enlarge boteroedly
Photo by our staff photographer Andreas Baier

It happens more often than you might think: harmless visitors of art fairs were recognised to be expensive art works; here in this case supposedly created by Fernando Botero. The unpleasant consequences: the victims will spent their time as long in custody until they will have paid their duty. For these three fellows an unsolvable problem; and it seems that the Swiss authorities are not willing to discuss this delicate matter any further until the responsible art dealer’s identity to whom ownership can be declared has been brought to the authorities’ attention.

Contrarily to this, the new German «Kulturschutzgesetz» that allows the German government to confiscate almost any kind of artwork – without a proper compensation – that might be interpreted as «an important piece of the national cultural identity», shall be seen as a second-rate joke. Therefore, in Germany no one really cares – except artists, art dealers, art collectors, directors of museums, art critics, at least almost everybody who does not call himself a bloody socialist.

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