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Stylish Julia Roberts Promoting Chewbacca

21 Dec

When George Lucas was about to promote Star Wars IV adequately, he kindly challenged pretty young newcomer actress Julia Roberts to do something about it. She went with her unusual hairdress to any talkshow one could guess including David Letterman and Oprah Winfrey. Heavily insisting on having spent a reasonable amount of her lifetime in outer space in order to introduce her wonderful and gorgeously looking feet to highly literature addicted aliens; the movie Star Wars IV immediately hit the movie charts and survived on top of it more that the »Amtszeiten« of four different Presidents of the United States in a row would take. Without doubt, a very special world record of its very special own.

Later, Chewbacca decided to undergo a sex-change that provided him with the delicious possibility of going back to his tasty sugar roots – completely well-treated but undigested.

Julia Roberts, however, became one of the most mind-thrilling and successful actresses Hollywood has ever seen. Should you be interested in finding out more about here perfectly proportioned walking tools, you can do so via Wikifeet.