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Stefan Asafti: «The Greatest Brandversations»

18 Nov

Stefan Asafti writes: «Please be aware that the prints presented here by the author are strictly of personal nature and are not meant to be sold for financial gain. Any recognizable logos, slogans, texts or images have therefore been used solely to express a personal view and strictly personal ideas, and not for commercial purposes.
The author of the prints does not pretend to own these logos, slogans, texts or images in any way, as they are the property of the respective brands. Furthermore, these prints do not in any way pretend to represent the views or strategies of the respective brands.
The views and ideas represented by these prints belong to the author and under no circumstances are they to be published without the written permission of the author.

The rest of his brave intentions as an artist you can read on Behance Network

Sensitive topic. Therefore comments off.