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Terry Richardson: «Dennis Hopper»

20 Dec

Click to enlarge fully smokedly


Well, is there anything left to say about Terry Richardson? Certainly, and Lady Gaga is so kind to do this for us:

Terry Richardson’s book about Lady Gaga can be purchased on Amazon, for example.

Sensitive topic. Therefore comments off.

Lazy Sunday Afternoon – How to prepare the perfect Vodka Martini

18 Oct

Belvedere Vodka Campaign photographed by Terry Richardson

Have you ever dreamed about being James Bond ordering a Vodka Martini shaken not stirred at the most sophisticated places in the world? You better shouldn’t have because Jim Coudal teaches you best about how to make it best. Trust me he does. Being myself the complete opposite from an alcoholic – basically I made and make my way based on tea, coffee, fruit juices and so forth – Jim Coudal’s recipe for a perfect Vodka Martini is about to change my mind.

Thoughts like “Begin by assembling the following materials and a clean, white towel at your work space. Turn off the television and eliminate other distractions. John Coltranes’ First Meditations is appropriate music to work by. I cannot vouch for anything else.” or “Now we begin the sacrament. The motions and steps are all ordered to bring everything together at the holiest moment.” make clear that one cannot help testing his recipe.

Jim Coudal closes his recommendation with step 13 and 14: “13. Enjoy slowly. Chat about the issues of the day. Smoke. 14. Repeat as necessary.”

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Lady Gaga’s Meat Market to Expand

14 Sep

Photo by Terry Richardson for Vogue Japan / Lady Gaga

Photo by Helmut Newton for Vogue Paris / Jerry Hall

Bringing meat and fashion and beauty shots together is not that new as one might think. History’s repeating in new clothings…