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John McAfee: «How To Uninstall John McAfee»

26 Jun

John McAffee has lived his dream – and now his dream lives him. This quite interesting viral has gained more than 3,5m views in just one week. You should see it.

Sensitive topic. Therefore comments off.

Pfizer’s VIAGRA – Once again and once more

17 Oct

As brave readers of our hand-made meerschweinchenreport as you all are, you are utterly aware of the fact that we’ve been dealing with Pfizer’s still most stunning product VIAGRA since quite a while; and that there had been some intellectual problems waiting to be solved by us in the beautiful past. By us? Yes by us: the good, the better and the most perfect creatives.

In the meantime the VIAGRA related responsibles were forced to re-build their whole headquarter not less than three times due to heavy break-out erections, which appeared preferably with a blimp of an eye during lunch-time or Super Bowl, or even worse: both. Result: the complete house was demolished instantly. And, as if this wasn’t enough, the remaining and still swollen penises were collected by pink painted and emotionally frozen policemen in order to be brought to a re-educational institution where they were taught how to make it in life as a traffic light installation signed by a strange guy who calls himself Jeff Koons.

Besides, did we already let you know Pfizer’s newest feedback coming straight from “ganz weit oben” as we say in Germany? No? Well, just to be perfectly honest with you, there wasn’t any but we have spontaneously decided to do so as if there was one. We need the feeling to be misunderstood and rejected. We rely on it.

In other words: The main message “Explore the space” shall remain as a mind catching aspect even it seems a bit too intellectual for the board members’ taste. But our argument that also big brains such as Charles Bukowski, Prince Charles or simply the artist formerly known as Prince might have had appreciated the existence of VIAGRA very much (in particular that some of the mentioned short before are still among us), and that – of course – talking to a fistful of people is always better than talking to none. Surprisingly, the majority of the board members saw themselves being able to follow us. Grabbing this unique chance quicker than most earthlings can count to three we offered them some variations of the copy as there were “Astronaut legend Frank Borman strongly recommends to explore outer and other foreign spaces most consequently” or a bit simpler “Explore the space – no matter what kind”.

The design, however, was judged as too amateur-look-a-like and that we should add a bit more stylish components to it. Consequently, we rejected that gentle offer because we know what we do – and, as we already pointed out – we rely on the feeling of being rejected, even it is the other way around: introducing this magic emotional experience to our clients. We think it’s only fair enough, isn’t it? Second: To whom are we talking with these ads anyway? To sexual professionals, or amateurs? The image of sex is a hand-made one. So, if you’re keen to reach the majority of sexual amateurs you should better communicate with them in a more amateur-look-a-like manner.

As soon as Pfizer’s headquarter will be completely re-build for the fourth time the board’s spokesman will notify us personally if our campaign is ready to be launched then. We think that this marvellous event will take place Christmas next year.