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SAATCHI ONLINE: «Get Art Discovered!»

7 Dec

Zena Holloway: «The Old Grey Teacher»

In the past we already featured artists being present with their work on SaatchiOnline. It is amazing how many different kind of artistic styles you’re getting introduced to while surfing around and through a huge jungle of artwork. Today we present some stuff we find interesting and funny to look at.

Visit Zena Holloway.

Anja Priska: «Party Without Monkey»

Visit Anja Priska.

Juan Manuel Garcia: «Bells»

Visit Juan Manuel Garcia.

Willard Balthazar: «Prince William, Duke of Cambridge»

Visit Willard Balthazar.

Theron Humphrey: «Clark Fork, ID»

Visit Theron Humphrey.

Barbara Kolo: «Cosmic»

Visit Barbara Kolo.

Michael Foulkrod: «Shark Mask 2»

Visit Michael Foulkrod.

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