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Die fabelhafte Lampe der Amélie!

13 Nov


Die tierliebe Tischleuchte aus dem sagenhaften Film:
Die fabelhafte Welt der Amélie“;
nach einem Entwurf von Michael Sowa gefertigt;
ein handbemaltes Original;
53 cm hoch, Durchmesser 28 cm;
40 Watt, 230 Volt; Kabel 1,20 m, Zugschalter.

2tall – A Beautiful Mind

9 Nov

Hübsche Postproduction.


7 Nov

You are the sound of my spring, the rain drops of my soul that make me sing, that I daily count, that make me swing, also the cream that tops my cake which stops the break of my internal hound, the words that are lifting my mind, the screw of my heart which makes me blind, the grapes, the fruits that I peel, the steel that gives me the strength like platinum cards over the length of the whole nine yards. You are the flower at the river and the cleaning power of my liver. You are the wind that blows through my hair, that I really need, so I feel the heat from my toe up to my collarbone

because you are my Dictaphone!

You are my light and my mission, my obsession and passion, my fashion, my sight at the end of the tunnel. Each channel of my television presents me your landing on the moon. You are the tune that I daily play, the spoon that prevents me from starving, that makes me stay, sway, that makes me pray to silver and gold that I hold in my hand on the way to our promised land. You are the band of my heart, my friend and so smart, I blend you with art to upgrade the trend of the mentioned at last, my emotional pension and fast that I cast which hopefully lasts forever and I will never forget. I am blowing the horn to form the tone

because you are my Dicatphone!

You are the rain in my dreams, my train in Spain, and it seems this claim beams us up to foreign planets where we bleach the past. You’re the one who refreshes the parts others cannot reach. The planets’ mothers will teach us all about the hook, the look and the book of rhyme and love in which we fly, so this is the time when doves will cry. You are the cook who cooks my soul, the book which books the bowl we’re swimming in so bright and clear – how I wish, how I wish you were here. You are my pancake; my short bred that give me the power like a landlord under the shower. I am blowing the horn to form the tone

because you are my Dictaphone!

Copyright: © by Hamlet Hamster

Das Nachtzugerlebnis

3 Nov


Ein neuer Hamstercast ist seit gestern auf anhörbar: Das Nachtzugerlebnis.

The Day The Routers Died…

1 Nov

The Day The Music Died” intelligent umgetextet und entspannt vorgetragen.

via The Secret Working Group; via Sven’s Bauernblog