Andreas Baier – Curriculum Vitae

Foto by Prof. Olaf Leu (DDC)


Andreas Baier started his career in the middle of the 1980s in doing photo essays for magazines like STERN, MERIAN, GLOBO, GEO and the supplements of the HANDELSBLATT and the SÜDDEUTSCHE ZEITUNG. During this period he met people like Sir Peter Ustinov, Bill Gates or Gerhard Richter:



Th. K. P. Schenning, initiator and sponsor of «Kaiserring der Stadt Goslar» and Gerhard Richter.

Axel Hecht, former editor-in-chief (art-Das Kunstmagazin), holding his speech.

Dr. Jürgen Paul, former Major of Goslar, holding his speech.

Dr. Jürgen Paul, former Major of Goslar, playing «Woodstock» together with international art-celebrities.

Th. K. P. Schenning, initiator and sponsor of the «Kaiserring der Stadt Goslar», proudly presenting his menu on which Gerhard Richter has just painted a sun with ketchup and mayonnaise.

Gerhard Richter listening to the speech on his vernissage.

Gerhard Richter signing something.



Paris: Café de Flore

Our staff-photographer also travels a lot. Why don’t you visit his picture collection «On The Road»?

Doune Carloway Broch – Isle of Lewis – Outer Hebrides



Nessie in Garmisch-Partenkirchen

Andreas Baier was born in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, which is a small town in Bavaria, the homeland of lederhosen and so it’s only natural that he loves Scotland. For him it was more than clear to combine two of his favourite subjects in one picture. Can you see how Nessie enjoys swimming in mashed potaoes? Well, after he did it, for some reasons he just suddenly began to think of how he could create a photograph in this style of a painting, something that would be just as colourful and bright and be a complete world in the way that a painting can be. That was the beginning of his flashlight painting technique.

Learjet – Ultraschall

A few days after his birth, his family packed up and left the famous resort town to move to the city of Mainz, where his parents soon openend an avant-garde art gallery as well as publishing an art journal called «Magazin KUNST». The family enviroment couldn’t have been better for the upbringing of a man who now considers art to be «an indispensable nourishment for the spirit.» He hadn’t even learned to count to ten, when Baby Andreas met artists like Jan Voss, Walter Stöhrer or Joseph Beuys among a lot of others who passed his parents office:

Click to enlarge beuysdly

This cover was designed by Joseph Beuys exclusively for «Magazin KUNST». It belongs to the Tate-Collection.

Meanwhile Andreas Baier’s analogously manufactured flashlight paintings have been exhibited and published throughout the world. They are part of many private art collections as well. One example might be four spreads in the Chinese «people»-magazine:

Click to enlarge:
4 spreads in «People»-Magazine; China

Recently, an art collector introduced Andreas Baier to his guests: «You better should not try to analyse whether Andreas Baier‘s digital paintings are driven by the power of modern Romanticism, late Expressionism, the Renaissance, neo- Catholicism or a pop art culture that impressionismly refuses to say bye-bye. It is much more important to know that since the new millennium the artist neither does exhibitions nor does he enter airplanes – both by principle reason».

The following digital magazine «flashlight paintings – Volume 9» will provide you with a greater insight:

flashlight paintings – Volume 9

There is also a booklet presenting his brand new and strictly digitally created paintings available on Digital Painting – Volume 3.

Digital Paintings – Volume 3


The way to get in touch with the artist:


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