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Martin Parr: «Modern Fashion Warfare»

2 May

The brilliant Magnum-photographer Martin Parr writes in his blog: «Each photographer, magazine editor, stylist, model, indeed everyone has a different status. You are ranked in terms of importance, and where you sit and where you are allowed to go are manifestations of your level of importance.» However, he does not say anything about this year’s status of black handbags…

We shouldn’t worry too much about Martin Parr’s status. It doesn’t need a huge portion of phantasy to come along with the conclusion that it must have been set up somewhere over the rooftop – and behind the curtains as well, of course. Martin Parr is a great journalist, both in writing and photography. And, ehm, does he adore bare female feet? The same way as I do? Well, just see for yourself

Sensitive topic. Therefore comments off.