Feedback from Pfizer

21 Jul

We’ve got feedback from Pfizer. Since our last meeting with them we thought that we already made it. But as it seems today we’re only halfway there. First, we were asked if we could give this whole thing a bit more drive in a sensitive and gleamingful way. Following the golden rule of excecuting everything the client wants us to do – we went to the next post office, put our souls, our experiences, our abilities of aesthetic judgement, our life-insurances and, not to forget, our courage in a box, sealed it carefully with a bunch of 1p-stamps and sent it straight to South West Africa. In other words: here are the new results.

Can you keep a secret? We find this gleaming thing above a bit too suggestive. This happens to be because we strongly believe that the consumer has to make the last mental step to complete the picture we want him to see on his very own. No matter how small this small step may be…

Then we were asked if we could add a bit more natural colours to the ads. So, we did that (above) as well and destroyed by doing so this harmonic look all three ads were originally kept togehter with.

Leaving the concept of keeping a certain amount of visual equality in this campaign behind we exchanged the last draft showing the moon’s surface through this one above. We also removed the new added gleaming aspect. We think the message is already clear enough.

However, just to be completely on the safe side of our client’s understanding of eternity we created another ad pumping up the volume of the storytelling’s power of our campaign’s concept. Allow yourself a full click and take a serious look:

After accomplishing our mission we decided to go deeper into this matter, and the outer-space we already felt being surrounded with quite intensively. We met the heart of the famous Whirlpool Galaxy (M25) and tried – business as usual – to make the most out of it:


Our one-shot-shot: A nice spread sheet allowing even the lightest human brain cells to make the correct association. Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, …

We cannot wait receiving Pfizer’s feedback once more…